About recharge:

Q: Is there a discount on recharges?

A: 1st recharge in Diamond Shop can grant double Diamonds.

Q: Can I buy both the Monthly Card and Supreme Card?

A: Yes

About the frist steps in the game:

Q: How to quickly increase BR in the early stages?

A: Treasure and Adv. Summon can increase BR quickly.

Q: Is there a relationship system in the game?

A: You can establish relationships with other players and participate in the Love Dungeon to obtain Clara's Hearts and increase stats and BR.

Q: Where is the Path of Divine Grace?

A: Click on the Stage icon on the left and there you can find the Path of Divine Grace.

Q: When is the Pet Merchant refreshed?

A: The Pet Merchant appears in a different place every time. Click on the avatar on the right to auto-path. The Pet Merchant refreshes once per event and lasts for two hours. The items sold by the Pet Merchant are random. It will be different for each event. What each player sees at the same event time is also different.

Q: Should I complete dungeons every day?

A: It is recommended to complete dungeons every day, each completion will increase the dungeon rating. With more Stars, you can receive better rewards.

Q: What can I do if I can't beat the enemy in the Challenge?

A: You can click Strike Back-Invite to invite your Guild members to fight back with you.

Q: Are there any multiplayer events?

A: Of course, you can play with others in Monster Siege, Guard the Angel, Black Dragon Invasion, Eternal Battlefield, Phantom Maze, etc.

About character progression:

Q: If different Parts are equipped with the same Skill Inscription, do the effects stack?

A: Yes, Skill Inscription effects can be stacked.

Q: How is the Titan Set upgraded?

A: Upgrade the Rank to upgrade Titan Set. You can find the Battlefield Rank Officer to check the rules.

Q: Will Exorcism take effect in other places besides the Dark Realm?

A: Exorcism will only take effect in the Dark Realm.

Q:Is there a requirement to use the super technique of the angels on the battlefield?

A:The skills are released in order from position 1 to position 3, you can arrange the order of release before according to the angels' characteristics to enhance the efficiency of the battle.

Q: What are the entry requirements for the Team Dungeon?

A: Team Dungeon requirements: The server opens for 8 days, the Path of Divine Grace has to reach Lv. 12. Opening time is 20:00-20:40 every Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday. After reaching a specific BR, you will not be able to enter lower level dungeons. For example, you can only enter the latter 2 dungeons after being above 50 million BR.

Q: When I am in the Common Battlefield, it shows my damage is high, but why does the Boss’ HP drop very slowly?

A: In the battlefield, the damage received by the Boss has a limit. This is to prevent the boss from being killed in seconds and to give all players a chance to take the reward.

Other questions:

Q: How to get free Diamonds?

A: Clearing 1 stage will gift you with 100 Diamonds!

Q: What should I do if I don't know what to do next?

A: If you're not interested in fighting, collecting Angels is a fun experience.

Q: Why can't I play in the Dark Realm with cross-server players?

A: The second and third floors of the Cross-server Dark Realm belong to different warzones.

Q: Any tips to advance quickly in the game?

A: Spend 25 Diamonds to buy an Adv. Summon Orb. It give you the chance to get a Mythic Angel.