• Scarlet Rain
    • Celebrity
    • Pub Drama
    • Scarlet Rain Scarlet Rain
    • Celebrity Celebrity
    • Pub Drama Pub Drama
    • LamiaAfter using Dance of Death, all deployed Angels' normal attack damage increases by 10% for 3 secs.
      Scarlet Sword
    • LamiaDeals 1000% ATK +1508000 damage to a target'Rage cost: 1500.
      If it' s not in Slot 1, the effect is 650% ATK + 784000.
      Dance of Death
    • Angel of the Moon
    • wish upon
    • nobility
    • Angel of the Moon Angel of the Moon
    • wish upon Wish upon
    • nobility Nobility
    • lunariaCharacter's basic Dodge increases by 2.5% for 10 secs at the start of a battle.
      Dark Scythe
    • lunariaSupermoon's Light deals 410% ATK + 15000 damage to the target and reduces its Hit by 3% for 5 secs;
      The max number of targets is 5 and the damage decreases by 12% per number of target increased.
      Judgment Scythe
    • Angel of Fate
    • Office Lady
    • Gym Goer
    • Angel of Fate Angel of Fate
    • Office Lady Office Lady
    • Gym Goer Gym Goer
    • fortunaDeployed Angels'damage increases by 1% when the enemy has Power Angels deployed.
      Destiny Wheel
    • fortunaGrants the character a 5 secs shield equal to 400% ATK and increases all the deployed
      Angels' Super Move damage by 3% for 5 secs.
      Divine Imprint
    • Shadow Death
    • Top Agent
    • Career
    • Shadow Death Shadow Death
    • Top Agent Top Agent
    • Career Career
    • helaNormal attacks have a 55% chance to inflict Soul Mark for 5 secs; Soul Mark stacks up to 15 times, increasing the target' s Angel Super Move damage received by 2.5% per stack; the stack duration resets every time it stacks.
      Soul Scythe
    • helaDeals 1050% ATK + 427000 damage to a target; if it' s affected by Soul Mark, deals extra damage based on the number of stack: the damage increases by 5% ATK per stack if the stack number is below 10; if the stack number is 11 or greater, the damage increases by 8% ATK per stack.
      Storm of Death
  • Lamia
1200 years after the Goddess’ descending.
Mikaela, Angel of Flame, is the younger sister of Glacia, the Angel of Frost.She was separated from her sister by the repels, and had lost most of her memories after falling off a cliff. Finally she was adopted and brainwashed by the Freedom Resistance. Through times,she became a brilliant leader of the revolutionary army and was known as the Flaming Blade.
1000 years after the Goddess’ descending.
Kali, Angel of Dragon, is the only offspring of the union between Goddesses and Dragons. She was never accepted by Goddesses and Dragons alike. As she grew up, her powerful heritage made her more powerful than the rest. The three kingdoms tried to recruit her after a display of her abilities, but Kali refused in retaliation. When the Four Dark Kings were reawakened, Kali joined the League of Goddesses to stop the darkness.
500 years before the Goddess’ descending.
Apocalypse, Angel of the Apocalypsee, is the head of the four royal nobles of the Angels, the current successor of the Apocalypse Lineage, one of the seven elders of the New Supreme Council, and the founder of the Storm Kingdom. To others, she is a ruthless elite ruler who attempts to establish a hierarchical, authoritarian kingdom. To her followers, she is a representative of absolute power.
500 years before the Goddess’ descending.
Athena, Angel of Protection, is a divine being who guards all things. She has a mature and calm nature and a decisive judgement to punish the Darkness Destroyers that stand in the way of the Angel's people. She is the founder of the Kingdom of Treasures. However, she neglected her daughter, who took a risky path.
500 years before the Goddess’ descending.
Fortuna, Angel of Fate, has the ability to see the future, but this power did not bring her joy. After witnessing the fall of the Holy Grace Empire, she enlisted a significant portion of her faithful followers to create the Holy Kingdom. This time, she will use her own power, and the power of her countless followers, to create a bright future of her own.
After the "Battle of Chaos" and the "New World Project", the elven society went from prosperity to decline, and only a small number of nobles survived. It is said that even the souls of their ancestors have been abandoned. The voices of the clansmen prayed. Like a stone sinking into the sea. The temple gradually fell into disuse, and the priests left one after another.
A few hundreds of years ago, due to the New World Project of the Elven King Hatton, most of the orcs were enslaved and the mermaids who lived by the sea had to migrate and create a new tribe at the bottom of the Endless Sea. They called themselves - the Sea Tribe.
The Snowland, the northernmost part of the continent, is covered with snow and ice all year round but is rich in exotic ore and stone. The people there are known for their craftsmanship, and are the main weapon providers of the continent. The Snow Queen has been protecting the land with her mighty power for years.